Auralite 23 | Chip Necklace | 18" in | Canada

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high vibration, soothing, meditation, calming, grounding

PROPERTIES:: Auralite-23 has been scientifically proven as the world’s oldest crystal gemstone, which developed more than 1.5 billion years ago ago while the first signs of life was appearing on Earth. The name Auralite is derived from the miracle of Earth and sky connections, known as the Northern Aurora Borealis Lights, and contains a combination of 23 Earth elements and minerals. Auralite radiates an energy foreign to most individuals, especially those who are feeling disconnected from their own soul. Immediately upon touch, one can understand the craze behind this stone. The soothing energies that one feels radiating through their body is the work of so many different chemical components and cannot be replicated anywhere else. These energies directly resonate with the chakra column, and allow for complete alignment and reconciliation amongst your entire internal system. Very few stones in the mineral community have the ability to do that, with most requiring multiple sessions to truly access and understand their complex energies. Auralite-23 can change you in one medium-length meditation session if you're truly willing to “let go” and embrace the powers that be.
ELEMENT:: Earth, Water

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