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Blue Chert | Tumbled | South Africa

Blue Chert | Tumbled | South Africa

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diplomatic, listening, confidence

PROPERTIES:: Blue Chert is the diplomat, the analyst, always thinking things through before committing. When we are nervous, frozen, or at a loss of words when speaking in front of people, Blue Chert is the perfect piece to instill a sense of confidence and self-assuredness. It helps us to speak our beliefs/thoughts/opinions with clarity, while remaining respectful and open to others. This is very important to us right now. We are all talking, demanding to be heard, but many people are not listening or acknowledging the other. Blue Chert opens up for a true dialogue. It also encourages us to be less serious, to see the humor in things, to laugh-loudly, and to go with the flow.
ZODIAC:: Scorpio
CHAKRA:: Root, Throat

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