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Howlite | Standing Points

Howlite | Standing Points

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As its name suggests, a Standing Point keeps you sharp and on point. It's your 'go to' whenever you need to stay focused on something. These stones are often used for manifestation purposes. Write down a mantra, affirmation, or desire on a piece of paper, fold the paper, place the crystal point on top, pointing upward. This acts like a pyramid, directing all the energy from the intention on the paper upward into the cosmos and radiating out into the surrounding environment.

calming, awareness, inner strength, rebuild emotional body, deep connection

PROPERTIES:: Howlite is a stone of emotional healing that directly correlates with one’s root and crown chakras. This is a unique combination, with Howlite opening up portals of entry on opposite points of the etheric body. Our root chakra becomes fully connected to Mother Earth, while we stay in direct contact with our higher self. Attuning us to the spiritual dimension, Howlite helps prepare us to receive and understand divine wisdom and insights. These potent connections occurring at the same time are extremely rare, thus exposing the power Howlite harness within. This stone is here to nurture and enlighten our heavenly body, while showing us the capabilities our soul can offer this planet. Howlite exudes a calming vibration that helps eliminate rage and uncontrolled anger. By stilling our mind, Howlite encourages us to overcome our self-limiting behaviors and emboldens reasonable communication and expression. A newfound awareness to current and past life issues assists our understanding of our own patterns, allowing for calm resolve to occur. During times of distress, Howlite grounds all of our energy and allows our mind to maintain a sense of clarity. One will initially notice a sense of calm energy overcoming them, easing that unnecessary “weight” off our shoulders and allowing us to stand tall. Not only does our confidence rise, but also our inner strength begins to awaken. Howlite reminds us of the power we hold and urges us to use, channel, and harness this energy towards individual self-healing. Howlite is also excellent for those suffering with insomnia and can be placed under the pillow or in a gem elixir sipped for an hour before bed.
ZODIAC:: Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio
CHAKRA:: Root, Crown

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