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Lemurian Seed Crystal Points Assorted Colors

Lemurian Seed Crystal Points Assorted Colors

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Assortment of Orange , Smoky, + Clear 

past lives, meditation, spirituality

PROPERTIES:: Lemurian Seed Quartz contains much more historic energy than most other crystals. They are considered Master Healers, acting as vessels for transmitting high vibrations and anchoring spiritual knowledge. The messages that come through, are thought to be the essence of the ancient Lemurian civilization, whose core values were love, peace, and harmony. This was a highly intelligent and spiritual civilization, who was deeply in touch with their higher selves. Lemurian Seed Quartz holds a very strong love vibration and allow us access to the memory of the original Divine heart center. Lemurian Seed Quartz clears all the chakras and assists in collecting information about our past lives. They remind us of our multi-dimensional origins and of the Oneness of being.
Third Eye, Crown, Etheric

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