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Tanzurine | Polished Skull | 30mm | East Africa | RARE

Tanzurine | Polished Skull | 30mm | East Africa | RARE

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Carved Skulls are often mistaken as a symbol of physical death, however, they carry the energy of ancient wisdom and knowledge, helping us to expand our higher consciousness. They also remind us of our past loved ones who now guide us. These beautiful carved skulls represent life + the honoring of our humanity.

When a number of skulls are placed in clusters, they work together by absorbing each others energy, which amplifies their metaphysical properties. This is part of the reason why people who collect crystal skulls feel a need to add more to their collection! With each new addition, you end up with stronger vibrations from the group dynamic.

Tanzurine is the name given to a recently discovered form of Quartzite from northern Tanzania. It has been found in two distinct colors. One being a mid to deep ruby red known as Cherry Tanzurine and the second form is a mid to deep green toned known as Emerald Tanzurine.

balance, happiness, self love

PROPERTIES:: Cherry Tanzurine is the trademarked name for a recent discovery of Quartz with Lepidolite inclusions from Tanzania. One of the more unique traits of Lepidolite’s energies is its ability to align and clear our chakra column. This effect is enhanced when included within Quartz due to its amplification effects. This provides us with the ability to handle the juggling of our emotions while also balancing our polarities. Cherry Tanzurine is also an amazing sleep aid, and helps us to drift into deep + rejuvenating slumber. 
ZODIAC::  Aries, Taurus
ELEMENT:: Fire, Earth

self love, expression, growth

PROPERTIES:: Emerald Tanzurine calls upon our self love work, helping us to be comfortable in our own bodies. This comfortability allows us to express ourselves by bringing out our unique character. Through our own gentle self-expression, our heart and soul will begin to flutter in happiness. This will cause a chain reaction that will spread to others and instill a positive atmosphere for growth. Showing who you are not only affects yourself and others, but also the energy of our home planet. Emerald Tanzurine has a natural connection to Earth and the abundant energy that she releases each day. One profound effect is the regeneration of our emotional body during times of meditation, especially outside.
ZODIAC:: Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius
CHAKRA:: Heart

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