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Moonstone | Tumbled Chips | 1 lb | 5-7mm | India

Moonstone | Tumbled Chips | 1 lb | 5-7mm | India

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Tumbled Stone Chips can be used in a variety of ways - use them as lucky stones, vase filler, decorations, ground cover, in potted plants, game markers, fish tank decor, gem infused water, and much more!

awareness, new beginnings, growth

PROPERTIES:: Rainbow Moonstone is a variety of Moonstone that is pearly white in color and exhibits a flash of blue light that radiates from within. It is a stone of Divine inspiration, connecting with our Third Eye to enhance our intuition and our awareness. Its connection to the Crown Chakra raises our vibration and frequency, making it a great stone to use while meditating.  This allows loving, white light healing energies to flow through us relaxing our mind, body and spirit.  Its connection to the Moon provides insight and intuitive guidance, allowing us to connect the different cycles of our own lives so we begin to understand our true nature and purpose.  Its energy is very soothing and calming, and can help relieve stress and anxieties.
ZODIAC:: Cancer
CHAKRA:: Sacral, Third Eye, Crown

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